Functional Medicine Framework

Functional Medicine is a science-based approach to identifying, understanding and addressing root cause of symptoms and illness.

Its framework acknowledges environment, diet, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, genetics and biochemical uniqueness all play a role in disease prevention, presentation and recovery. Focus is on the person who has manifested illness rather than, the illness the person has manifested.

Through the wholistic lens of Functional Medicine the human body is viewed as a complex integrated system, working hard to maintain balance, vitality and health. When health is compromised expert practitioner decision making, is underpinned by an integral understanding of this systemic interplay.

The Functional Medicine model understands, one condition can influence or precipitate another. For example, chronic gastrointestinal illness can subsequently influence emotional wellbeing, sleep, hormone balance, skin, histamine and allergic response (this list is not exhaustive). Transforming gastrointestinal health may in turn begin to reverse additional health challenges. Equally, additional health challenges may play a major role in sustaining gastrointestinal illness and require direct intervention to see positive changes in gut health. This illustrates the interplay of physiological disharmony and the benefits of a comprehensive personalised approach to regain health.

Many people find working with this integrative approach helps them get to the bottom of perplexing problems that may have eluded them and other clinicians for years.

I encourage patient consultations to be an interactive process, involving extensive information gathering around historical health, current health status, diet, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. This information facilitates tailored decision making, bespoke interventions and lasting health benefits beyond traditional symptom suppression.